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Current Rotations #02
Thursday, January 4, 2018
hello, everyone.

it's been a while since i posted here and seriously, it wasn't my intention. i have this weird sense of timing were i always seem to come back to blogging just before or during a really important and stressful point of time in my life. in this case, it was me thinking that my finals week was closer than it was and being trapped in a 15+ page essay for roughly 2 or so weeks. not gonna lie, i got incredibly stressed towards the last week of class because i ended up having to rewrite half of it because it got lost in the process of transferring it from word to google. thankfully, i ended up writing over the 15 pages and hit the 20-page point. even more thankfully, i, somehow, managed to pass the class and i'm pretty chuffed about that overall.

i would have come back around the holiday time, but i get awful holiday depression and i knew combined with working and school, the depression was going to be relatively bad and had to keep my distance. now that my emotions and anxiety have kind of settled, along with my depression, i can get back to finishing all of the posts that i wanted to previously.

today's post is nothing extravagant. as you can tell, it's another current rotations post because i really wanted to share some of the music that got me through both my depressive episode and my final weeks of classes. i'm also planning a 2017 round-up post, but as we all know, i'm going to be late with that and purposely so. (let's be real, being late is my normalcy.) that said, i think i've done enough prattling for the lot of us, so i'll go ahead and jump into the post! ♥

     — ladies & gentlemen: the best of george michael (fthe heart / disc 1) by george michael.

i've mentioned this before on a blog post in a previous iteration of this blog that i absolutely love george michael and, in particular, i absolutely love the way his voice sounds on slower, ballad-sounding songs which explains why the heart section of this album is the one i listen to the most. this album is so incredibly saddening in a lot of ways, but i genuinely believe that is what makes it so soothing to me. when i was getting to the peak of stress and tipping into anxiety territory, i would play this. there's almost nothing more soothing than listening to george michael belt his heart out on "i can't make you love me" or "jesus to a child".

of course, it helps that if you're looking for a good introduction to george michael's music, this is probably your best bet.

     • recommended songs | can't make you love me, jesus to a child, father figure, desafinado.

     — sleep + hawaiian dreams playlists by spotify.

these two playlists have, easily, been my top two playlists to fall asleep to. admittedly, i judge spotify's attempts to create playlists often; however, sometimes they create some gems and these two are definitely great examples them. the sleep playlist is full of songs that fit the aesthetic i adore and dream of when it comes to music that fits me as a person. it's soothing, lovely, and playing it at a low volume is everything i needed and then some. having a playlist be so calming and ambient without the harsh pianos—and subsequent migraine i receive due to my synaesthesia and its reaction to harsh pianos—is an absolute blessing to me and it's probably the first playlist i turn to when i need to sleep.

hawaiian blues, although not really a title i agree with, is an equally as lovely playlist. it's focused predominantly on ukulele based music and not gonna lie, guys, i'm in love. not sure if i've mentioned this on here before, but i love instruments, have been an instrument player pretty much my whole life, and i absolutely want to get into ukuleles in the future. there's just something beautiful about the type of music that ukulele can produce that makes me really happy. (as a quick aside, anyone who tries to downplay ukuleles in order to bring up guitars are a special type of trash. both instruments may be similar but there are definitely major differences between the two.) that said, when hawaiian blues plays, i'm just transported to a mental space where i'm relaxed and content. hawaiian blues is a playlist that embodies my love of all things soft, ukulele, and inspired by folk music.

     • recommended songs | both playlists in full are recommended.

     — wings by bts.

honestly, i'm surprised that it wasn't on my previous rotations list; however, i seem to only really listen to this album when i want to work on things and get them done. considering that this is an album that made up most of my spotify plays this year, it should have been on here sooner. unfortunately, i wasn't excessively busy or working up until recently, so i ended up listening to other bts releases that fit my mood normally. when i did finally get around to listening to it again, i remembered why it took up so much of my year. to be honest, i always am baffled by how much i adore everything related to the album, the aesthetics, and lore behind what went into this album. while it's not my favourite bts album, it's an album that i definitely have an infinite amount respect and appreciation for.

listening to wings is an experience in itself and so i won't try to explain it and why it works because it’s something that depends on the person and how their experience is.

     • recommended songs | intro: boy meets evil, blood, sweat and tears, lost, awake, cypher 4, am i wrong?.

     — j-hope's jam playlist by bts’s j-hope.

so bts does this thing where each member has a playlist that, obviously, reflects the music that they are currently bopping to and enjoy so it changes every now and then. the current iteration of j-hope's jam is this one and when i tell you this whole playlist is a whole ass BOP. y'all don't understand. when i need to twerk and be extra without complaining, i play this playlist. when i'm getting ready to go out for the night with some mates and i need to pregame before getting lit during the outing with my mates, i play this playlist. when i just need to feel a little bit more thug, i play this playlist. it's the perfect playlist to not only accurately summarise j-hope's extraness that we all love and know him for, but it's also just a nice playlist to get hyped to.

     • recommended songs | playlist in full is recommended.

     — suga’s hip-hop replay playlist by bts.

piggybacking off of the previous selection is another bts member’s playlist. i made a promise to myself a bit ago that i would try to avoid sharing the playlists as a part of my current rotations, but i can’t even hide how much i’ve been bopping to them, especially this one. y’all, i have never had a hip-hop inspired playlist that i rarely ever feel like hitting skip button on any song quite like this playlist. not gonna lie, this playlist is not only a whole entire mood; but it is also incredibly great to use when i need to wake up to start my day.

when i wake up for work and i need to pick myself up for the day while i’m getting ready, i’m probably blasting this playlist in my bathroom and bodyrolling or scream-singing/rapping while it’s playing. this playlist speaks to the me that was, legit, a trash hip-hop/rap elitist back in the days. i wish y’all understood how real this was for me. the moment i saw “the don” by nas on the list, i knew it was real. i knew this was the playlist for me.

and although, i can leave “havana” by camella cabella on a good day, i still think it’s a good addition to the playlist nonetheless.

     • recommended songs | all of playlist is included, save for “havana” by camella cabella.

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