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The Vogue 73.
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
hello, everyone.

it’s been a long ass time since i’ve done one of these things but i was scrolling through gemma’s—of hidden little gempost on this tag and i realised that i definitely wanted to hop on and give it my attempt. plus, we all know how much i love myself a nice quality question & answer or tag post.

as per usual, i’m not tagging anyone because i, myself, was not tagged; however, i absolutely encourage anyone who wants to take part in it. i would love to get to know you lot a little more and have you guys get to know me a bit more. it’s a bit long, but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

this post includes pictures that are not owned by the blogger and are linked back to their original photo page.

1. what’s your favourite movie?
unsurprisingly, i don’t have a single favourite movie but some of my favourites include chaplin (1992), the breakfasf club, dirty dancing, and the lobster (2015).

2. favourite movie in the past five years?
there are a couple but la tortue rouge (2016) and the lobster (2015) immediately pop up in my mind.

3. favourite hitchcock film?
rebecca (1940) and the birds (1963) are my top two faves, to be quite honest. i do fancy psycho (1960) but i definitely have to be in the mood for it.

4. a book you plan on reading?
demian by hesse, hermann via bookmate (review on app soon-ish.)

5. a book that you read in school that positively shaped you?
a series of unfortunate events. the entire series made me fall in love with that particular style of storytelling.

6. favourite tv show that’s currently on?
i don’t really watch telly, to be honest.

7. on a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?
five. i like to keep things decently neutral.

8. iphone or android?
both. depends on what my focus is on.

9. twitter or instagram?
both. both have their positives and negativdz.

10. who should everyone be following right now?
obviously, @BTS_twt.

11. what’s your favourite food?
don’t have a favourite food, but i love korean cuisine.

12. least favourite food?
anything greasy. makes me really ill.

13. what do you love on your pizza?
cheese. occasionally spinach, feta, and banana peppers, but predominantly, cheese.

14. favourite drink?
i have loads of favourite drinks. tea, coffee, ginger ale, ramune, green tea anything, etc.

15. favourite dessert?
cheesecake, macaroons, and anything not overly sweet.

16. dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
neither. white chocolate. i’m that kid and it’s the only time i can handle sweetness.

17. coffee or tea?
both. couldn’t live without either, to be honest.

18. what’s the hardest part about being a mum?
this question made me giggle a bit because i’m actually called mum by quite a few people and practically raised a couple. so i can actually answer this based on experience.

the hardest part about being a mum is watching your child suffer through things that are beyond their control and being unable to stop it because you can’t and you also want them to learn and grow from their experience. it’s heart wrenching and i absolutely do not recommend the feeling at all.

19. what’s your favourite band?
i have a couple. i love joy division, the smiths, fall out boy, bts, etc.

20. favourite solo artist?
also have a lot of these. kehlani, jhené aiko, big sean, drake, sade, tracy chapman, etc.

21. favourite song?
currently? probably “i hate u, i love u” by gnash featuring olivia o’brien & “intro: serendipity” by bts (performed by jimin.)

22. if you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
no one. i don’t particularly like singing.

23. if you could master one instrument, what would it be?
i wish i could go back to playing and mastering the flute or clarinet again.

24. if you had a tattoo, where would it be?
well...i mean...i already got a tattoo i spent years planning for.

25. to be or not to be?
....that is the question, innit.

26. dogs or cats?
cats. i mean, both. but cats.

27. bird-watching or whale-watching?
both. i love seeing both in their natural habitat doing things they need to and just being the dope animals they are.

28. best gift you’ve ever received?
this collection of goodies from a mate.

29. best gift you’ve ever given?
you’d have to ask my mates.

30. last gift you gave a friend?
a camera and money.

31. what’s your favourite board game?
not gonna lie, i’m a massive fan of life, clue, and candyland. also, i absolutely love chess surprisingly enough.

32. what’s your favourite country to visit?
i love visiting jamaica. i think my family being jamaican makes me a wee bit biased but it is such a beautiful country to visit, honestly.

33. what’s the last country you visited?
barbados. but we ignore that. hahaha. (i definitely deleted the pictures.)

34. what country do you wish to visit?
south korea and japan, predominantly. but i would love to backpack europe and asia, to be quite honest.

35. what’s your favourite colour?
i have a couple. i love black, light greys, pastels, and mermaid-esque colours.

36. least favourite colour?
really harsh pinks and reds and most variants of yellow and orange.

37. diamonds or pearls?
neither. both are ugly to me.

38. heels or flats?
heels, but only specific ones and types.

39. pilates or yoga?
yoga. i find yoga to be a bit more relaxing and i hope to get back into it again soon.

40. jogging or swimming?
neither. jogging bores me and swimming is traumatising to me even though i can swim.

41. best way to de-stress?
music. turning on a dope album or playlist and letting myself relax in my loneliness is my favourite way to de-stress.

42. if you had one superpower, what would it be?
not gonna lie, i would love to have omnipotence embodiment. take that answer however you wish.

43. what’s the weirdest word in the english language?
floccinaucinihilipilification. try to say that three times fast, yeah?

44. what’s your favourite flower?
i love flowers in general, but i proper love bluebell, honeysuckle, aloe, black-eyed susan, yarrow, bittersweet, blue & purple hyacinths, sweet pea, sunflower, rhododendron, and sage.

45. when was the last time you cried?
five years ago; when i found out my dad died.

46. do you like your handwriting?
sometimes. it depends on whether i’m writing in cursive of print and if what i’ve written looks good in said cursive or print.

47. do you bake?
this may be surprising to some of you, but yes, i do bake. i haven’t in some time, though. i do have plans to.

48. what is your least favourite thing about yourself?
my perfectionism. it makes it harder to accept when i have done a good job because it isn’t what i consider perfect.

49. what is your most favourite thing about yourself?
my perfectionism. it helps me have a good sense of work ethics and responsibility because of it.

50. who do you miss most?
the youthful, naïve, and hopeful me. now i’m very broken and very jaded.

51. what are you listening to right now?
i float in and out of listening things, but currently i’m listening to:

• music | us by gnash (listen), love yourself: her by bts (listen), in tongues by joji (listen).
• podcast | loveline with amber rose, lore, + welcome to night vale.

52. favourite smell?
vanilla, lavender, floral, and light scents are my favorite. i can do fruity scents sometimes.

53. who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
alex & nil on discord.

54. who was the last person you sent a text to?
my coworker, j*ss*e.

55. a sport you wish you could play?
rugby. i used to play it for fun, but i had to stop. would absolutely love to play it again.

56. hair colour?

57. eye colour?
extremely dark brown, almost black.

58. scary film or happy endings?
neither. give me something character-driven and realistic.

59. favourite season?
spring and autumn. i love the middle seasons most.

60. three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?
this will probably change in the next hour or so, but tracy chapman, robert downey jr., and bts.

61. hugs or kisses?
both. be someone i love or am close to and give me both of those things and i an, literally, enamoured with you.

62. rolling stones or the beatles?
neither, to be honest. i would rather listen to not division.

63. where were you born?
mount vernon, new york.

64. what is the farthest you have been from home?
i’ve been out of the country, so pretty far.

65. sweet or savory?
both. anything that can combine them both well give me life.

66. lipstick or lip gloss?
of the two? lipstick.

67. what book have you read again and again?
not a book but a series, a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket (or daniel handler).

68. favourite bedtime story?
i don’t have one.

69. what would be the title of your autobiography?
trash: the life of a workaholic mess of a softboi™ by yasuhiro mochizuki.

70. favourite sound?
soft indie music, rain + thunder, wind, soft and calming voices, and soft instrumentals to name a few.

71. favourite animal?
owls, koalas, pandas, dolphins, whales, korean crow-tits, sugar gliders, small animals, domesticated rodents, and bears to name a few.

72. who is your girl crush?
my platonic life partner, alex.

73. last photograph you took?
this tired, after work selfie from snow.

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