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Current Rotations #01
Friday, November 24, 2017
hello, everyone.

today’s post, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is a music post and if you’ve been following me through the course of my endless cycle of blogging, then you know that i’m a massive fan of music posts. i’m one of those super cheesy people that think music is what unites us and that everyone’s different taste in music should be respected. there are artists that i don’t find particularly appealing, but i don’t judge people for liking them. point is, i love music posts. i love sharing my music tastes, recommending people music, and having that favour returned. it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

since i’m wanting to take a more chilled and relaxed approach to this blog and how i share things, i wanted to take this time to share a couple releases that i’ve had in rotation lately and just chat about them for a bit. that’s it.

so let’s jump into this. [also, you should totally check out my music blog if you want to listen to some of the things i jam to regularly.]
(i’m still bloody awful at the introduction thing. it’s been nearly a decade and i still can’t get it together. orz)

     — us by gnash (@gnash)

us is one of those eps that i listen to when i want to stew in my own feelings. it’s one of those albums that i play in the dark, i’m by myself, and i want to be reminded of the feeling of being lonely. because that’s what it is. it such a lonely fucking album whether or not it was intended to be and it’s perfect in that way.

that said, i’m not a huge fan of releases that have songs that are all features because i feel that it takes away attention from both the original artist and the featured artist(s). however, i think us balances the features so well. everything kind of just works, so i’m not too angry that every song has a feature, but i know that it could be a problem for others.

     • recommended songs | fragile (feat. wrenn), get well soon (feat. liphemra), + i hate u, i love u (feat. olivia o’brien).

     — in tongues by joji (@sushitrash)

boooy. if you haven’t heard in tongues, please bless yourself by fixing that immediately.

this isn’t an ep that i think is for everyone and it’s not the reason i’m recommending and urging people to give it a listen to. this ep is a concept and i refuse to believe otherwise unless joji comes out and says that i’m wrong.

if gnash’s us is the ep that makes me remember and crave loneliness, in tongues is the ep that reminds me of pure sadness and drowning. from the cover of the ep to how joji takes on this monotone, lifeless approach to the songs to the aesthetics of the ep’s visual screams depression, sadness, and dissociation. i recommend it because it’s such a beautiful example of how haunting and soul-wrenching simplicity can be when implemented correctly. i think everyone who complained that it was too simple and his voice was too flat haven’t taken the idea of it being conceptual. when you take in tongues as a concept and listen to it with that mindset, it becomes something more.

     • recommended songs | bitter fuck, pills, + will he.

     — mic drop feat. desiigner (steve aoki’s remix) by BTS (@BTS_twt)

y’all knew this was coming, don’t even front. earlier today, i was awoken out of my painfully blissful slumber at three in the morning because not only did my body want me up in time for work, but because it definitely wanted me to watch the mv release of steve aoki’s remix of my actual 2017 twerk anthem (don’t @ me), “mic drop”. that mv by itself was a blessing already and i was not ready—first impressions—but the track with desiigner’s feature was just as lit.

here’s the thing, i actually like desiigner and have for a long time. honestly, seeing his reaction to rich chigga and how engaged he was in seeing and enjoying the videos and artists that 88rising showed to him really cemented him as a chill dude to me and i’ve found him to be just a generally chill dude to listen to talk. he seems like a free spirit that respects people’s hustle and artistry in however they feel comfortable displaying it. so i was never worried.

but fam, when i say they snapped for a total of three minutes and fifty-eight seconds, they fucking snapped and my edges nor my life have been recovered. i wish they kept j-hope’s and suga’s raps because that would have been godly, but i will legit still twerk my wigs off whenever that song plays. i could, literally, sit here for an hour or more talking about how much i love this song and everything about it but i’m not going to be that guy.

(also, i purposely didn’t say anything about steve aoki because it's steve fucking aoki. nothing needs to be said.)

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