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this blog is protected under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike 4.0 international (cc by-nc-sa 4.0) license. read more...
25 Before 25.
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
hello, everyone.

as the year quickly draws to a close and people grow more and more excited about the holidays, i find myself more excited about next year and the fact that it's the year i’ll finally be in my mid-twenties. i know how weird it may seem to people to hear that i’m incredibly chuffed to be getting older but twenty-five has always seemed like a golden age to me. for someone who has been battling major depression, other mental illnesses, and having attempted suicide a few times, seeing twenty-five is such a weirdly amazing thing.

while my twenty-fifth birthday is going to be absolutely true to my nature and i have no intentions of spending time celebrating or having a fancy outing, i still wanted to celebrate in my own way. admittedly, i’ve always found that those “____ before ____” type of posts/lists are incredibly interesting and have always wanted to do one. since twenty-five is such an important year for me, i thought it would be pretty amazing to do one of these. it’s absolutely not a requirement that you read this, but i just thought it would be fun to do and a great way to motivate myself to push forward.

when the time comes, i'll definitely revisit this list and see what i managed to get done and talk about the process that when behind getting it done, if i didn’t do it already on here. anyway, enough blabbering and onto the list.

  • lose at least 11kg in weight.
  • change diet to something more comfortable.
  • get back into cooking and baking.
  • pass all current and upcoming college courses.
  • make headway or completely do away with current debt.
  • have at least seventy posts across both blogs—at least twenty posts on baepsae and at least fifty posts on syncopations.
  • buy a new camera and/or a new laptop.
  • visit friends and travel some more.
  • buy a large hookah pipe.
  • acquire a new job or jobs.
  • pick up studying languages again.
  • fill out study abroad application.
  • save up at least one thousand dollars.
  • buy a new cell phone.
  • get back into writing and attempt to finish/cement novel idea.
  • create at least ten new layouts; including unfinished project.
  • get portfolio up and running.
  • take a bit of a step out of introversion and go out a bit more/meet new people.
  • finally become the full-fledged plushie + succulent mama i’ve dreamed of.
  • change style and update wardrobe accordingly.
  • get second tattoo done and more piercings.
  • take a hot yoga or pilates class near me.
  • attempt to reach out and connect with brands, especially indie ones.
  • look into—and possibly start—getting a certification in botanic studies or early childhood education.
  • open up more either with people or the blog.

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